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Foot Pedals

Technology that is a step ahead

  • Rugged design for the most demanding of applications
  • Hall effect sensing technology, with two sensors for redundancy
  • IP67 rated with fully potted electronics
  • Ideal solution for high-end construction equipment designs

The FP: A Singular Performer

  • Features single fore-direction on actuation
  • Available as a standalone voltage version (VO) and in a CAN master (M) solution
  • A single Master can be combined with up to 3 slaves
  • Life greater than 5 million cycles
  • Integrated temperature compensation

The DFP: Double the Capability

  • For applications requiring dual fore-aft direction on actuation
  • Pedals are available in standalone voltage versions (VO) and in a CAN solution as a slave (S) combined with an FP foot pedal master for up to 3 slaves
  • Designed to accommodate standard and custom-designed pedal levers
  • Life greater than 3 million cycles
  • Integrated temperature compensation